“Let me take this opportunity to thank you for all your help in the essay writing etc. Though I didn’t make it to the schools we targeted initially, I loved the systematic approach and experience.
After working for more than 10 years in IT industry, I was skeptic to apply for an MBA program. Though I was able to score 720 in my 4th GMAT attempt, I was not convinced about my chances at the top schools because of a common profile. When I started to evaluate my profile from MBA consultants, I came across MBA4India and spoke to Deepak. After speaking to him for the 1st time, I was convinced to work only with him. He guided me end-to-end, starting from assessing my strengths and weaknesses and shortlist schools to writing concise essays. He guided me about how/why/when to visit schools, how to follow up with adcoms and best practices for interview preparation. He completely transformed my essays into a powerful pitch. Their in-house developed tools and methodologies forced me to do deep introspection and self-discovery. Doing these exercises not only helped me in writing true/compelling story about me but also made me comfortable in taking interviews. I am extremely grateful to Deepak to guide and mentor me in the process. If you are reading this testimonial, I strongly recommend you to speak to Deepak once, may be just for a profile evaluation and feel the difference yourself.”
VG- New Jersey (US) . Admitted – ISB

“I decided to apply to business schools in December 2015 but was unable to take the GMAT exam until the very end due to work pressures. Finally in March 2016, I took a date for late July and started to focus on the exam. Unfortunately, I landed a score in low 700’s. With round 1 and early action deadlines approaching fast, I had no time to retake the test. So I decided to write strong essays and apply early. This is when I realised that I would need someone to handhold me through the process, sharpen my story and help me devise a school specific strategy. A friend of mine strongly recommended that I contact Deepak. I therefore reached out to MBA4India and they agreed to work with me despite the strong time crunch that we had. In round 1, I applied to 5 schools out of top 10 and got waitlisted at 3 of them. I now needed strategic action to strengthen my case and convert my waitlists. Deepak advised me on how to reach out to the adcom of the schools and helped me customise my updates to each one of them. I retook my GMAT as well and this time I scored a 740 plus score. My focused updates and renewed GMAT score helped me convert all my waitlists into admits. I will be joining a top 7 school this fall. Deepak has played a pivotal role in my journey to business school and his guidance helped me maintain my cool during times of utmost frustration. To all future applicants, I would strongly recommend reaching out to Deepak and getting at least a profile assessment done before you start your applications. All the best!”AS, Delhi. Admittted – Tuck, Ross, Cornell-Johnson

“Transitioning from a Military background to a Corporate future at 44 years- I thought I was at an adrenalin rush. Having scored a 700 on GMAT, I had my goal set on ISB, IBEAR and Schulich School of Business and nothing more.I came across MBA4India on the net and spoke to Deepak – Under fire in any operation trust your gut- and I knew this was the place for me and my dreams.
Deepak put me through to Abhilash and that – Deepak’s judgement in compatibility and mentor recommendation was the key- was the single most important and pivotal decision in my essay build up. In any University, the essay and the theme is the show stopper. Abhilash with his high tolerance levels to my novice overtures and queries, guided me thoroughly and patiently with utter professionalism and a personal suave.
The turning point came when Abhilash motivated me to apply for Stanford when I had not even thought of that option and Lo Behold, today I am ready to step in the world’s best. Abhilash really helped me through my application process and for Stanford, he suggested a theme which I am sure was the single biggest factor in getting me an admit and a good scholarship. I have 5 admits at hand, courtesy Abhilash and as I join Stanford I am whole heartedly indebted to Abhilash and Deepak.”
Col. AS (Indian Army), Ladakh. Admitted Stanford MSx

“I got accepted at INSEAD! Really excited about this and looking forward to my time in Fontainebleau next year. 🙂

Talon – Thanks a lot for all your help!”
DG, Jakarta (Indonesia). Admitted – INSEAD

“Abhishek had a structured approach towards the MBA admission process, we focused on getting the story right before jumping into writing any content. Abhishek pushed me towards focusing my goals and “making them real”, but once we agreed upon the story, he took faith in me and supported me when I wanted to apply to top notch schools, even when other consultants would have “played safe”. Abhishek’s assessments of my essays and resume were very insightful and he would push me to deliver the best quality output possible by asking questions that an admissions counselor would. He was patient in our discussions, allowing me to fully explain the points I would try to make, and also giving me full creative freedom to tackle some essays in my own way. He did not enforce the “what-has-worked-will-work” approach on me and I really enjoyed having the flexibility in this area. He was always on-time with his deliverables and I never faced a time crunch in any of my essays.
My feedback can be validated by the fact that I got interview calls from all the schools that I applied to. What I regret is, not taking the interview package from MBA4India, because after working through the essays package, I am sure the interview package would have taken me to even higher peaks.
I would be headed to Ann Arbor this fall, at Ross, one of the best B schools in the country, and I cannot imagine a scenario where I could have achieved this feat without Abhishek’s help. I am grateful to Abhishek for his help and to Deepak for choosing the best fit for my profile.”
RD, Gurgaon (NCR). Admitted – Ross

“I got into Kellogg. Abhishek – thanks for dealing with me and my tantrums and helping me submit a great application!”AD, New Delhi. Admitted – Kellogg

“I’m really happy with my incredible experience with MBA4India. I’m grateful to Deepak who not only clarified my doubts about the services offered but also helped me to allot the perfect Mentor for me – Abhilash. What I most like about Abhilash is that he was always responsive and knowledgeable. Our long discussions over the phone were extremely helpful in shortlisting my schools and making my story unique and more compelling”VP, New Delhi. Admitted – Schulich (Canada)

“Got into HEC Paris and ISB India !!! It was a brilliant , mentally stimulating and satisfying experience working with Abhilash wherin I was able to get an interview from 3/5 of 1st Choice B Schools.
Two things stood out for me while working with Abhilash. One – his past experience in helping applicants meant that we were able to look at a singular essay question through multiple lenses to draw out multiple experiences from my past experience. This helps immensely if one is trying to differentiate ones-self in the highly competitive Indian Male engineer applicant pool. Second – Our discussions acted as the perfect food for thought /perfect sounding board which brought out the best in me – this was exactly what I was looking for and I was able to achieve it 100%.
Would definitely recommend Mba4India and Abhilash for future applicants.”
TR, New Delhi. Admitted – HEC (Paris) and ISB.

“Abhilash has been my mentor throughout the application processes. The most important activity in which he guided me was the selection of schools. This was not an easy task as my score was comparatively low and yet I was aspiring for the best schools. He helped with the essays as well. In fact, there was series of interactions (over phone and email) and I always realised that he was genuinely involved in the activity. He contributed more than what the contract had mentioned. I know that my application could have never got accepted in ESADE had Abhilash not guided me. He even prepared me for the info-session! All that with a score of meagre 610 in GMAT and an average career.
I can strongly recommend Abhilash to anyone who is planning to start the application process”.
AS, Kolkatta. Admitted – ESADE (Spain)

“MBA4India was a clear winner during my discovery of consulting partner for applications to Harvard and Wharton. They brought the same world class experience to the table that my North American peers enjoyed.

Working with them bolstered my confidence and provided a larger sense of context regarding the applicant pool, giving me a sense of where I stood and how my background compared to other applicants. This was especially crucial considering my profile was one of the hardest to get in with – Indian IT Male 28 with 5 Years of experience. In the first call itself, I realized that this would be an enriching partnership as my entrepreneurial stints were explored in greater detail which eventuallyhelped me discover the perfect storyline.”

V, Shanghai (China). Admitted – Wharton

“I took MBA4India’s support for my interview preparation for INSEAD.
Although our contract was for an hour of interview preparation, they went out of their way to answer/add value to any concerns I had post our contract time. I am thankful to MBA4India for helping me achieve an admit to my dream school”.
D, Bangalore. Admitted – INSEAD

“I am delighted to share with you that i have received the final admission offer from MSx at Stanford. Many thanks for your guidance and support. I know that i could not have written such effective applications without Ritu’s guidance.”

S, New Delhi. Admitted – Stanford