Adding personality to your application

We are pleased to share a guest post by Anshul, a Senior Consultant at MBA4India.

Getting started with your application? Here is a post to help you get that one key ingredient into your application – a Personality. Ever wondered what is the fundamental difference between your resume and your business school application? Other than the fact that your application is a lot more detailed, it is also expected to demonstrate your authentic Personality.

Most of the applicants at the time of starting the application pick our resume and begin detailing it. This may be a sub optimal approach. For the admissions committee of your target school the purpose of your application is not only to understand your work profile and achievements but also to know you as a person. This is so because you have to get the admissions committee to connect with you at a rational and an emotional level.

Let us discuss some effective ways of adding Personality in your essays:

  • Tell your authentic story: Make use of your essays to tell a captivating story, without losing the context. Let there be clear themes to your essays when you include stories across your professional, academic and personal roles. Move from one point to other in a seamless manner to keep the reader (evaluator) captivated. Do not reduce the essays to a bunch of bullet points. In essence, the reader should be able to understand the central theme of your answer. This will stick with her when she ultimately evaluates you.
  • Don’t shy away from adding relevant personal details: So, if you like to cook and serve – please go ahead and mention it in your essays. While the admission team will not select you for your cooking skills but they surely add few points to your social skills. So, it always helps to share limited amount of such relevant personal information as it gives insights into your Personality.

In conclusion, the evaluator will make an impression of your Personality in the application and that will influence her decision. Inject ‘your’ Personality into your application, and capture those additional points. All the best!

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